10/20/2015 – Humphrey Bogart Estate-Produced Noir ‘This Last Lonely Place’ Acquired By Indican

Directed and written by Steve Anderson, This Last Lonely Place tells the story of an unsuspecting cab driver (Rhys Coiro) who, on his last night on the job, finds himself roped into helping a wealthy investment banker (Xander Berkeley) cover up a brutal crime. Carly Pope, Jeananne Goossen and Richard Portnow also star. The Humphrey Bogart Estate is co-managed by Robbert de Klerk and Stephen Humphrey Bogart, son of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. READ MORE

4/30/2014 – Newport Beach 2014 Review: THIS LAST LONELY PLACE, A Fine Tuned, Pitch Dark Noir

Picture it: The gun in the lap of a beautiful dame. A once powerful man hounded by the shadows of his triumphs. The cabbie with a kind heart and worn eyes. A fresh start. That last trick. The final score. And then there’s the city; that never ending sprawl, a throbbing vein of head lights and stop lights, boney roadways to nowhere, and nothing… READ MORE

1/7/2014 – Olivia Thirlby Starring in Noir Thriller ‘The White Orchid’

Olivia Thirlby is set to investigate a brutal murder as the star of The White Orchid, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively. The noir thriller from writer-director Steve Anderson follows Claire Decker (Thirlby), a shy, part-time social services investigator working in Morro Bay, Calif. While she typically spends her working hours tracking down the relatives of elderly people… READ MORE

9/8/2013 – Humphrey Bogart Estate Launches Production Company, Unveils First Trailer

Humphrey Bogart left an indelible mark on the movie world through his many iconic film performances. Now the actor’s estate is taking his legacy one step further by getting into the film business. The Humphrey Bogart Estate is partnering with filmmaker Steve Anderson to establish Santana Films, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively. The company will be funded by Los Angeles-based boutique venture capital fund Orange Equity… READ MORE

8/8/2013 – Noir Lives: The Bogart Estate And Director Steve Anderson Unveil Santana Films

In 1947, Humphrey Bogart, one of Old Hollywood’s biggest talents, started an independent production company named after his yacht. The story behind Santana may sound quaint by today’s standards, as just about every actor with some clout has their own company for creative endeavors. But true to his character, Bogart was a pioneer in that Santana was one of the very first independent production companies… READ MORE