Welcome to Santana Films. We’re glad you found us.

Back in 1948, Humphrey Bogart left Warner Bros. and launched a start-up: his own independent production company. Frustrated by the studio system, and the old ways of doing business in Hollywood, he was inspired to break new ground and set out to do things his own way. Bogie named the company after his beloved 55-foot yacht, the Santana, and went on to make films such as In a Lonely Place and the John Huston-directed Beat the Devil.


Here at the new Santana Films we are guided by Bogie’s intrepid and passionate spirit. We are a filmmaker-driven company, striving to create entertaining films for audiences that appreciate a focus on well-told stories and great acting. We work with the best people, embrace the newest technology, and reach out through social media to harness the power of the crowd.

We make movies. Movies that Bogie might make if he was making ’em today.